Construction Site Security

Who is on your premises when they are unoccupied? What was their point of entry? Which areas did they visit? And, most importantly, when they do enter your premises, what then protects your build-ing and its valuable content from the risk of theft, vandalism and fire?

“Tag Safety&Security” systems has the answers – and solutions – to all these questions. Our intruder detection systems are the most sophisticated available yet highly affordable. And they can be tailored to your exact needs and circumstances. These wireless intruder detection systems were designed specifically to provide security for building and construction sites, empty property, and a wide range of utility and commercial sites. Our security systems are meant for temporary security and can, due to the wireless character, be used for mobile and flexible purposes. Our equipment is battery operated and does not need telephone lines to work. Being wireless it is far less costly to install and more versatile – you can even move it from location to location as the need arises. Less disruptive and costly to install than conventional ‘wired in’ security, TS&S is just as effective at combating crime or raising the alarm when an intruder enters. Our systems are a fraction of the cost of manned guarding.

TS&S can deliver a total package of security, planning, implementation and dismantling of our security systems.
We cooperate with acknowledged security companies and therefore can offer you an optimal combination of technical security systems and human surveillance.