Stay safe and secured: rent an alarm

Do you want to stay safe under unusual circumstances? There are many possibilities to do so when you rent an alarm system or fire detection system from TS&S. We offer you a solution for any type of situation you want to secure, such as:

– Temporary stock or office

– Construction site

– Scaffolding against the building

– Each time a situations calls for a temporary security system


Theft via Scaffolding: rent an alarm

To guarantee a safe working environment and to allow easy access to a building, it is common to use scaffolding against a building. But did you realize that scaffolding can also be used by burglars for easy access to your building?

Most buildings are only secured on the first floor. With scaffolding, the other unsecured floors and roof become easy accessible for burglars. Rent a temporary alarm system to prevent theft and damage during these scaffolding periods.

Vacation time: rent an alarm

The time is here to enjoy your vacation. You want to relax and do not want to worry about the security of your site or property during your absence. TS&S offers you the best solution in these cases. You can rent an alarm system for the duration of your absence. We will install the wireless alarm system around the perimeter of your property or construction site.

TS&S can secure your perimeter with our wireless system within a day. We offer you low installation costs and low rental rates. Best off all: we guarantee you a 24/7 monitored system: all included! TS&S helps you start your vacation in a great way.

Wireless Fire Watch Guard

TS&S offers you an innovative and effective way to detect fire in your wooden building.

When you are building a wooden construction, a fire watch is mandatory. You have to be able to relay on an effective system to detect fire in your wooden construction. We offer you that system. TS&S can set up a system with up to 250 wireless detectors in your construction, guaranteeing you a great fire watch.